Services - Websites/Assets/Equipment​

We offer flexible hosting and management services for your website. A customized and up to date website is essential in today’s economy to grow your brand. A website is the best showcase for your business to share your companies story with your perspective clients and customers. The trends today are defined by image and a well presented website is key to entice the attention you deserve. A custom website is also a way to facilitate features that benefit your staff through plugins that allow you to operate and keep track of everything in your business from one easy location.

Every company will accumulate a significant amount of assets during is time however this causes an issue. How do you know what you have and where to find it? Many companies waste lots of money every year by either purchasing equipment they already have or paying their employees to track down missing items. With this cost saving and the piece of mind it brings its a no-brainer, every company should maintain a detailed assets register. Why not keep it online and easy to access? We can offer managed asset systems as part of a hosted website package. Keep track of inventory and office assets as you accumulate them with ease.

Some say that the 21st century is the time of information and in this time we have so many new and wonderful devices. However with all these devices they can sometimes go wrong. We offer various levels of technical support and expertise to help advise to ensure your work-spaces and operations are acting as they should. We do this by utilising remote support software or with on-site assistance.