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Using Microsoft Planner with Users Outside Your Organization.

This video covers the process to invite a user from outside your organization to collaborate on a Microsoft Planner plan. As well as the extra steps that are required to make the process easy for the Guest user. Details about the permissions for guest users: https://support.office.com/en-us/arti… WCSTech: https://wcstech.co.nz | https://fixmypc.co.nz Intro Music: https://www.purple-planet.com Read our […]

CheckMe – My experience with Start-up Weekend 2019

CheckMe – My experience with Start-up Weekend 2019 I was recently convinced to participate at a start-up weekend event and developed the concept for an app called CheckMe. I agreed partially to I could go and learn new skills around developing a business and partially as just something to do. After this weekend I have […]

PCB Device Circuit Board

The Huawei Saga

As new information surrounding Huawei’s business dealings comes to light, the company’s nature becomes harder and harder to discern. With publications crying wolf left and right, does anyone have evidence to back up their claims of cyber-security Armageddon? Are your smartphone devices safe? While there have been some reports claiming the company has put security […]

Top 7 Software Must Haves for IT Professionals

Top 7 Software Must Haves for IT Professionals I am always excited to test out new and interesting software that could prove useful in my day-to-day technical activities. Here I have complied a list of my top must have pieces of software that are invaluable in this profession. #7. Notepad ++ This is one that […]

Onedrive Access Tutorial

Gaining Access to Microsoft Onedrive

Gaining Access to Microsoft Onedrive For more helpful content like this Onedrive tutorial, check out our Youtube channel. Filled with information rich tutorials right at your finger tips. If you enjoyed this content and want to learn more about using Onedrive, here is a link to our article on sharing Onedrive Documents. If you would […]